We are inviting you to take part in a satisfaction survey.
It will help us to improve the event next year.

1. To what extent did the conference meet your expectations? (scale from 1 – ‘It was not what I had expected’ to 6 – ‘It was more than I had expected’)
2. What is your overall evaluation of the conference (scale from 1 – ‘negative’ to 6 – ‘very positive’)
3. What do you think about the time duration of the conference? The seminar was:
4. What do you think about the program of the conference?
5. What do you think about the quality of the conference content? (scale from 1 – ‘low’ to 6 – ‘very high’)

6. What would you suggest to improve our conference and its organization (time, place, subjects, program)?

7. What subjects would you like to discuss next year?