Professor Włodzimierz Choromański

PRT Project Manager

Head of the Department of Information Technology and Mechatronics in Transport at the Warsaw University of Technology. Actively involved for several years in Automated Transit Systems, Automated People Movers, autonomous vehicles, mobility of people with disabilities (exoskeletons, innovative wheelchairs, orthopaedic stabilisers for active treatment of fractures). His area of scientific interest covers control theory, vehicle (especially rail) dynamics, artificial intelligence, clinical biomechanics and new municipal transport systems. Professor Choromański leads a team working on the PRT system, i.e. an automated passenger transportation system that demonstrates features of both individual and public transport. In 2016, a team under his leadership received the Award of the President of the Polish Council of Ministers for the “Eko-mobilność-Prometeusz” sustainable transport and personal mobility project.