Professor Piotr Płoszajski

Warsaw School of Economics

Head of the Management Theories Faculty and co-founder of the Digital University at the Warsaw School of Economics. Founder and Head of the Council of the Polish-Japanese Management Centre at the Warsaw School of Economics.
Lecturer and speaker at several dozen universities and research centres throughout Europe, the US, Japan, India and New Zealand. Author of over 220 publications, including in English. Day to day, Płoszajski deals with new economics and the impact of technology on business models. Co-author of a range of pioneering international studies in new entrepreneurship, knowledge management, innovation and tacit knowledge. The main subject areas of his lectures include “management strategies on the verge of chaos”, an in particular problems of hyper-competition and new clients in e-commerce. He specialises in analysing social, economic and organisational phenomena in the contemporary business environment. He devotes special attention to latest technologies that inspire the development of innovative business models.